Tips for dressing for winter Part 1

Top Tips for Staying Warm and Looking Polished for Winter Part 1

Jun 14th, 2015 General Fashion, Winter Sarah

Winter is well and truly upon us. Windy days, cold nights and rain. So how are you supposed to dress for a day in which temperatures can range from frostbite levels in the morning, to quite comfortable around midday, and again head back into freezing at night? I was asked this question by a friend so here are my tips and tricks for how to layer your…

Sale Time! How to Sale Shop

Sale Time! How to Sale Shop

May 31st, 2015 General Fashion Sarah

So it is Queen’s Birthday weekend and the shops are full of amazing sales! This weekend I have seen sales such as 30% off knitwear to 50% off your second pair of shoes and clearance sales. You name it, we are seeing it this weekend. If you are like me your eyes will light up as sale means bargain, bargain means more clothes for your budget, and…

It's wild outside - dressing for winter

It’s Wild Outside – Dressing for Winter

May 24th, 2015 General Fashion, Uncategorized, Winter Sarah

Wet, windy, wild winter weather can only mean one thing – winter woollies! To start with I would like to credit this blog to Auckland’s weather this weekend. Thank you raining on my washing countless times, raining on my nice blow waved hair (now curly) and thank you for getting me into the mood to write this post! I think this has been the best showing…

How to wear jeans to work

It’s all in the Jeans – How to wear Jeans to Work

May 17th, 2015 General Fashion Sarah

So you have started working at a new company who has adopted a more… casual approach to dressing. Pencil skirts and court shoes are out and jeans are in! Your first thought is cool, wearing jeans to work will be great – then you think back to when you last had to buy jeans – PANIC STATIONS! Not only did it take “FOREVER”, but you…

How to wear burgundy

Beautiful Burgundy – How to wear Burgundy

May 10th, 2015 Colour, Winter Sarah

If you have been following me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest (if you’re not, you should ) you would know that I have an obsession with burgundy! Burgundy is a beautiful, rich, warm and feminine colour. It’s also the professional gals option for pink in winter. In my mind this is the season it is most suited to as it is a colour that warms you even just…

How to wear checks

How to wear Checks

May 3rd, 2015 Winter Sarah

Charming Checks! This winter it is seems we are taking a few fashion tips from the English… So we’re definitely seeing the rise of checks! Whether it is in checkered shirts, tartan skirts or plaid pants – they are all in the shops now. If you’re a fan of checks like me, or just starting to get interested in them – below are my top…

How to wear winter coats to work

How to wear a Winter Coat to Work

Apr 26th, 2015 Winter Sarah

I’m loving this winter’s obsession with coats! I am huge coat and jacket fan. I actually have an entire wardrobe, albeit in the small spare bedroom wardrobe fully dedicated to jackets and coats. Long coats, short woolen jackets, duffle coats, parker jackets – I love them all! So what are the trends for this winter’s coats and jackets? There are four main ones: the classic…

How to survive if you're not allowed to wear heels to work

How to Survive if You’re Not Allowed to Wear Heels to Work

Apr 19th, 2015 Winter Sarah

What do you do if you’ve been told you’re not allowed to wear heels to work? Well, that’s just happened to me. I’ve just been informed by my friendly physio that I’m not allowed to wear heels for a while… Panic stations! First thought that entered by mind – oh man I’m too short not to wear heels to work! Second thought was – how does…

Fit and Flare 5 Tips for Fifties Style Dresses

Fit and Flare – 5 Fabulous Tips for Fifties Style Dresses

Apr 12th, 2015 General Fashion Sarah

1950s, feminine and fabulous! Fifties style dresses have been made hugely popular due to celebrities such as Taylor Swift rocking these for both causal and formal occasions. This style of dress is also one of my go to favs for summer or winter! Cute in summer, styled with a cardigan and wedges; or in winter with a denim or leather jacket and boots. These dresses can…

How to wear fragrances to work

How to wear Fragrances for Work

Apr 5th, 2015 Fragrances Sarah

It’s not easy choosing perfumes or fragrances for work. As I mentioned in an earlier post, you do have to be careful with wearing fragrances for work, but if you can here’s my tips. Please be aware that all perfumes smell different once they are on the body. The below list is just to provide some guidance – even though they are the same in…