Hi Gals, Welcome to Young & Polished!

I’m a 25 year old young professional who started working nearly 3 years ago – straight out of university.

I spent my university years in hoddies, sneakers, jeans and t-shirts. Safe to say I was not really prepared for what “working attire” really was. When I left university there were no resources on what to wear – it was basically just ask your mum.

Now my mum is a very snappy dresser but she is a totally different body shape to me! In fact we couldn’t be more opposite – I am a pear shape and my mum is a column. My mum is also a totally different colouring for me (I take after my dad).

Mum helped me to buy my first pencil skirts and jacket but I didn’t feel I was dressing as a “Young Corporate”. I had an idea of how people my age and my stage in the workplace should be dressing but I couldn’t execute this for myself. I felt that what I was wearing in my first couple of weeks at work anyone could wear, at any age or stage in their life. I didn’t want to wear a “uniform” and I didn’t want to wear the same thing everyday. It was safe to say that I felt trapped. It also didn’t help that I was the youngest one in my division at work (by quite a bit!).

So I’ve decided to create the resource that I wished I had when I left university. This is no standard fashion blog – you wont see many sequins, feathers, backless or see-through numbers. This is about corporate gals being able to rock from Monday to Friday in kick-ass corporate fashion – which doesn’t catch your boss’s eye for the wrong reasons (such as too low, too high high, too tight, too casual!). It is also important to mention that there are no hard and fast rules for work fashion – no industry is the same. But what I will be blogging on will help you create your own ideas.

I have been lucky in the sense that I worked in retail for the entire time I was in Unversity at an upmarket retail store, so I had some ideas on how to dress nicely. However I was always better at helping others dress better, in the right colours and to their body shape.

It isn’t as easy for girls to look as clean cut as the guys in the office do – they tend to only have the option of a suit and tie. Nice and easy. On the other had we are too easily distracted by current casual trends – we swap our nice pencil skirts, for tube skirts or black pants for black jeans or some awful spandex creation! Or our nice tailored jacket for the cardy our nana knit us. Instead of doing our hair nicely we pulled it back greasy into a bun on the top of our head. Now the above would be fine if we didn’t have to rely on our reputation and personal appearance to go up in the world but sadly this is what does happen. We cannot bow out of contention for the next promotion just because of what we wear.

This blog is an educational tool to discuss and answer your questions on creative work wear ideas, colour, texture, flowing blouses, pencil skirts, high heels and everything in between. I will also be using various forms of social media so I can snap some ideas while I am out and about so you will get the latest trends when I see them. So don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

I will be publishing a new blog post at least one a week and you can subscribe here so you don’t miss any of them.

If you have any feedback or questions you’d like answered I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here.

Ciao for now,

Sarah xoxo

Young & Polished