Following on from Part 1, here’s Part 2 of how to wear pastels to work.


Always keep in the back of your mind as to what “neutral” or foundation garments you have. What colour pants, skirts, jackets, shoes, handbags and cardigans do you have?

This, as you now know, creates the backbone of your wardrobe and what new pastel garments are going to have to work with.

Are they predominately black or navy or charcoal? As each of these have pastel colours which align easier for the perfect professional look.

Pastel colours can also be worn with a texture in them such as lace. Just remember not to have the lace too feminine. Think of more of a geometric lace print that anything too girly or, dear I say it, even entering the realm of wedding attire!

Another beautiful feature of pastel colours is that you can wear them tone on tone. For example a pale blue skirt can be worn with navy, dove grey with charcoal, or mauve with purple. :-)

It can be a big step to have a full on outfit based on this concept, but it does work well for accessories to add a pop of a brighter colour to bring the outfit together!

Here’s a few combinations to get you started:

  • Pale blue jacket with a white top (I always like stretch cotton ¾ tops), a black pencil skirt and black pumps, long multiple silver necklaces or pale blue and white scarf.
  • Pale pink shift dress with charcoal cardigan, dark grey shoes, grey bag, and also a pink and grey necklace.
  • Lavender blouse tucked into navy slim leg pants with a darker purple belt and matching shoes. Navy jacket or cardigan for work or a denim jacket for a casual Friday!
  • Pale pink pencil skirt, white blouse, cream jacket and nude coloured shoes (these always make your legs look longer!) and a cluster of pearls for the necklace to polish off the outfit.


If you are new to wearing pastels then take a look at some accessories to start off with. Find the colours which you are attracted to – everyone is different and likes different colours so go with your gut. :-)

Accessories are also a great way to introduce a new element into your wardrobes without investing in an expensive garment. New necklaces and bags can be picked up at relatively low prices now with the emergence of shops being dedicated only to accessories.

My best tip for purchasing accessories is remember your colour clustering! Always aim for three of a colour. Whether it is a necklace, scarf or bag combination; or shoes, bag and belt combination. Three accessories at least because this provides you the ability to mix and match with your other wardrobe foundation pieces. :-)

You can check out my Pinterest board for heaps of great pastel examples.

How do you wear pastels to work? Let me know in the comments.