Power to pastels! You can really tell when spring has finally arrived because the shops get flooded with pastel colours and floral prints.

Now most ladies think that both of these are not work appropriate, but in this post I hope to show you how pastel colours can be incorporated into your work wardrobe while remaining sleek, simple and polished.

The aim is to always look absolutely stunning at work but not overdo it. For a starter, pastel colours often give off a very strong feminine vibe (which I personally love) however this doesn’t have to mean that you need to dress in head to toe pink, but hey if that’s your thing – go for it. :-)

Here are my top tips on how to wear pastels to work:


With pastel colours the fabric is so important. The fabric can completely change the look of your outfit – going from professional to princess very quickly.

My top tip when using a fabric, is to always remember you are trying to create clean lines. For example a beautiful shift dress should be in a structured fabric to create the canvas for your outfit to be built around. Jackets should equally be structured because you can always add softer layers underneath, such as a blouse.

The fabrics you choose are very personal so I am not going to tell you that you have to wear a stretch cotton or linen or chiffon, even though they are all fantastic. We all know the fabrics we love wearing!

The aim with the fabrics that you choose is that they should always balance out. If you are wearing a softer chiffon style skirt then you need to anchor the outfit with a structured jacket. Or alternatively a lovely pair of straight legged paints with a softer feminine blouse for example. :-)

Pay careful attention to what undergarments you are wearing when considering pastels. My recommendation would be to wear “nude” coloured garments to be on the safe side. Nothing in my mind looks tackier that a beautiful dress with a bright red bra strap showing! You always want people looking at your face first… not the little pop of red. :-)


To me this is always the most important part of any garment because it directly relates to its fit. So if the shape of the garment is not right on your body, don’t progress any further! You are better to wait and find exactly the right garment. Otherwise you’ll have a wardrobe full of garments which do not have any use or only one use.

All your garments should be incredibly versatile to enable you to easily to mix and match. It’s no different with your pastels.

The fit is even more important with a pastel because it shows even more if the fit is not right. So always take your time when purchasing a new item! If in doubt about the shape, always opt for a structured garment as they can be dressed down for weekend wear, such as a jacket. This is not true when reversed.

Also if in doubt, get a size larger and have it tailored to your body shape – particularly for dresses and pants because we are never going to be exactly the size which comes off a hanger.

Second to the shape of the garment comes the colour – if the shape is great but the colour is awful, or just not what you would wear, then leave it behind!

Watch out for part 2 in a fortnight were we discuss colour and accessories. Also don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board with heaps of examples!