It is now the time of the year when our wardrobes turn into that chaotic mess of winter clothing and the reemergence of those faithful summer outfits! Yes we are talking about… finally… the start of spring.

Daylight saving happened today which means that the glorious days of sunshine are just around the corner. However there is still a period of about two months were we can experience strange weather. It can be summer one day and then turn back into the middle of winter the very next day! So how do we manage this? How do you dress when it’s in-between seasons? Take a look at my tips below for the “hero” garments you need to have to help you with your trans-seasonal work fashion (and also check out my examples on Pinterest).


My biggest tip for trans-seasonal dressing is that layering becomes the most important thing you can do. It is very easy to take layers off such as jackets, cardigans and scarfs if it gets hot, but what happens if you are too cold? What are you going to put on if you are already in the office?

Layering is therefore key. To overcome this issue I always have a lightweight coat in my office for such occasions – at the moment I am loving the trench coat! However I will detail more garments below which will hopefully make this transition easier. :-)

Spring is also the best time to complete a through wardrobe cleanse. Put all your chunky winter knits away and drag out your coloured garments! Also clear out all the garments which have had their day – they might well be good for the weekend but your work garments need to look fresh. I have also writing a post completely dedicated to the upcoming spring season on Spring Essentials for even more spring fashion advice!

Top garments for trans-seasonal dressing


The spring staple garment is the blazer! Every corporate lady needs to have one and it must be in a neutral colour. Take a look at last week’s post if you are still fuzzy on what is a neutral colour. At the moment I am favouring navy and ivory.

When you are thinking of getting a blazer the cut is so important – always remember your body shape! At the end of the day there is no point in buying a garment in the right colour if the cut just doesn’t work. :-)

I personally prefer a single button blazer which is very classic with a simple lapel that isn’t too long because I am not very tall and don’t want it to swamp my body!

Midi Skirt

Lighter fabrics here we come. We are now moving into skirts made of chiffon, cotton and linen. The designs are heading towards A-Line options for spring along with some beautiful exaggerated 50’s styles. The most important tip for your trans-seasonal skirts is the length, make sure they are either on the knee or just above or below!

Summer Knits

¾ sleeve, V neck summer knit – oh how I love them! But on a serious note your summer knits will become your best friend because they are you replacement options for your winter sweater.

Whether ¾ sleeve, capped sleeve or full sleeved, these knits are the best! I personally love a ¾ sleeve, V-neck knit as this suits me best for work and is also incredibly flattering. These knits look great when paired with a pencil skirt or a chiffon midi skirt, or cropped pants and pumps.

Whether in a block colour or a print you can never go wrong – just ensure that the pattern contains colours and neutrals which you already have in your wardrobe. That way you can easily match it with your existing accessories.

When I am referring to knit this generally refers to cardigans, summer sweaters and also knit tops. I have shown examples of all of these on my Pinterest board here.


I am a huge fan of blouses! This spring there has been a large resurgence in printed blouses and flowing sleeves. Blouses are a very versatile layering piece which can be worn with skirts, pants and also jeans for causal Friday. Make sure whichever blouse you decide to get doesn’t overwhelm your body shape – at the end of the day you want people looking at your face, not your blouse. :-)


Now is the time to start moving away from knee high boots and ankle boots (I know – we all love them and parting with our beloved boots can be hard!) however we are moving into a season which works beautifully with brogues, ballet flats, loafers, mules and espadrilles! Also for those offices with a stricter dress code you can’t go past your pumps.

However we also need to ditch the thick black tights – it is now time for skin coloured tights for a fresher look!

We are also heading into sandal territory soon so make sure that your toes are up for the journey! Make sure you are prepared with lovely polish on your toes for those one off incredible spring days which make you want to flaunt your feet! :-)


So spring has sprung – this means that your makeup should also change from your darker tones into more neutral or brighter colours. For this season I am favouring a more neutral eyeshadow and brighter lips. There is just something about a lovely coral lipstick which makes spring time all the better!

My biggest tip for makeup is to ditch the blusher and shift to a bronzer for summer.

What are your spring go-to garments? Do you have trans-seasonal outfits which you can’t live without? Let me know :-)