You will all know by now that I love throwing the word “neutral” around or even “foundation garment or colour” in my blog posts to date. So what is a neutral colour? How can you wear them and can you only wear neutral colours in an outfit?

Neutral colours are hot this spring/summer so here are the answers to these fabulous questions is below and how you can wear neutrals to work. :-) Also check out my Pinterest board for heaps of examples!

What is a neutral colour?

These are colours or tones which create the original structure of your wardrobe or outfit that you are planning on wearing.

The colours or tones can differ greatly between the seasons. For example in winter these become predominately darker so colours such as grey, charcoal, brown, marsala, black, navy, pewter, cream, white and fawn are typically seen. However in summer these change to lighter tones such as dove grey, cream, ivory, white, khaki, navy, pewter, charcoal and black.

You will see that there are a few colours which are common between seasons, such as navy (see my earlier post on navy here) black, pewter, charcoal, black and white. These colours or tones therefore become the foundation of your wardrobe.

Foundation garments are the pieces which I recommend you all invest in – these garments can include items such as shift dresses, jackets, pencil skirts, pants, handbags, shoes and cardigans. All which can be mixed and matched with ease (also people don’t tend to notice if you re-wear your neutral garments over and over again!).

It’s important to remember that the cut has to right for your body shape (this includes the length). No garment should be too tight, too loose, too short or, equally, too long!

How do you wear neutral colours or tones?

Neutral colours have a dual ability in your wardrobe in that they can become the base of your outfits. They can be paired with a coloured item or can equally be worn together.

Below are some of my favourite pairings of neutral colours as well as the associated colour pairing (please note this is only personal preference). Also don’t worry, pretty much all colours look good with neutrals. :-)

  • Grey and pale pink: grey skirt, shoes and bag with pale pink top or cardigan with a silver necklace. Also the same can be done with the colour combination of charcoal and turquoise.
  • Red, black and white: red pants, shoes and bag, white top and black cardigan with black or red necklace.
  • Brown, navy and cream (all neutral combination): cream skirt, navy top, brown shoes, bag and necklace. This can also be completed with black, white and charcoal grey; or even ivory, cream and fawn for a lovely summer combination!

Can you wear an outfit which is made up only of neutral colours?

Yes you can! Having an outfit which is comprised of all neutral colours and tones is a beautiful combination.

Also with neutral colours you can incorporate textured fabric more easily, as well as always looking very elegant. It is also great for the days when you don’t know what to wear or having to think about what colour goes with what is a little too much… We all have days like that! So it is great to have a couple of amazing knockout outfits already up your sleeve. :-)

What is your favourite combination of neutral colours? What are you going to be rocking this spring/ summer season? Let me know :-)