Yesterday the sunshine was out and the daffodils were showing, which means that spring is just around the corner! This means getting rid of those winter woollies and boots, and swapping for light summery blouses and ballet flats.

I love spring and it is one of my favourite seasons. Spring to me means beautiful colours, lovely fabrics and last but not least sunshine. :-)

Since it is just around the corner, I have detailed my top seven must-have items below to help you with how to dress for spring. Also don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board for some great examples.

The hot colour this spring

Before we get into the 7 tips, shops are showing large amounts of beautiful bold colours this spring, such as raspberry, mango, cobalt blue, turquoise and emerald green. There are also lots of pastels such as pale pink, lavender and mint. All of these look amazing with navy, charcoal grey, cream, beige, khaki and brown.

Seven Spring Essentials

Patterned Blouses

You will see these everywhere this spring – from your paisley peasant top to your French Riviera nautical stripe! They are all in the shops for spring, so take your pick for the pattern that you like but remember they are meant to be worn looser than a traditional shirt, which is part of their charm. To wear them at work pair with a cute pair of cropped slim work pants and pumps.

Floral Dress

You definitely know that spring has sprung when the beautiful florals have entered into the shops. This spring is going to be one of the most feminine and beautiful yet. The main thing to remember when buying a floral dress is not only to ensure the cut of the dress works for your body shape but also that the size of the floral doesn’t overwhelm your frame.

  • If you are petite, go for a smaller floral pattern – you don’t want everyone looking at the floral pattern and not the person wearing it. :-)
  • If you are tall or off fuller figure, rock your amazing figure in a bolder pattern with a larger floral onto it. This will ensure that the dress doesn’t look too whimsical on you – as there is a very fine line for a floral to look amazing and feminine to something you used to wear as a little girl… I tend to love tropical florals on your body shape because they always look elegant but also sharp and edgy as well.

If you are not sure about wearing an entire floral dress – try with a beautiful floral pencil skirt to start. It won’t take long and you will be back for the matching dress!

Linen knit tops

Now in a few of my earlier posts I spoke about my love for linen knit. This is one of my all time favourite fabrics for spring and summer.

It is breathable, easy to look after (compared to actual linen) and looks great at work. This season I have seen t-shirt, long sleeve tops with boat necklines and other styles incorporating this amazing fabric. Keep your eyes out for a top which takes your fancy – I am sure it will become one of your favourites!

Remember colour and neckline are key when choosing a top!

Cardigans or blazers

The styles which tend to be very prominent this spring are very very classic – three quarter sleeve with no frills and in a solid colour.

I have seen everything from a beautiful pale pink to navy. This will be one of your key items for your work wardrobe – they are great with your floral dresses and patterned skirts as well as all your other work staples. If you have a very strict corporate dress code, stick with the jacket for your meetings but take a cardigan for while you are in the office because, if you’re like me, being stuck in a restrictive jacket all day is not much fun!

Get your cardigans and jackets in an array of colours as well as your “basics”. This way it will maximise your existing garments by making more outfits. Remember to build on your existing colour pallets though. Singular items only create “one-hit-wonder” outfits… which is not a good thing.


Chambray is basically a fabric which contains a white thread in it as well as a colour thread, making the cloth appear faded. This spring, chambray is turning up in all sorts of items from shirt dresses to skirts, pants and also the always fantastic shirt!

Treat chambray like you would denim (see my post on denim). Chambray can be definitely worn in the office but to ensure that you always remain office appropriate, ensure that the remainder of your outfit is very structured. For example a chambray shirt with a pencil skirt and pumps – you will look sleek, simple and overall beautifully polished!

Chambray can come in many different colours – just like your denim jeans. I tend to prefer the darker chambray for work days akin to dark denim. :-)

Cropped pants

They are back again! This spring we are again seeing patterned cropped pants back in the picture. So dust last year’s pairs back off as a starter. Then go and find another pair which tickles your fancy because they are definitely here to stay this spring/summer period. :-)

Espadrille shoes

You will not be able to walk through the shops in the next couple of weeks and not be hit with the amount of espadrille shoes which have invaded them!

If you are like me, you will fall immediately in love as these shoes are brilliantly light weight, are in heaps of gorgeous colours (including) neutrals, and are brilliant for those hot days. I have also seen espadrille wedges – for those of you who always like a little bit of height. :-) My recommendation would be to keep these for casual Friday if you work in a strict office, but if your office is more casual then go to town. You will not regret it!


One final point, I haven’t mentioned navy because I did a post on it not so long ago. Navy is hot hot hot for spring/summer this year so take a read of the post to help you with what to buy for your wardrobe.

What are your spring must have items? Have you spied something in the shops that we all must know about? :-)