If you have been at the shops recently you would have noticed that the summer collections are coming in and a very big trend is the colour navy. I love navy and it is definitely one of my go to colours. :-) Not only is it fantastic in winter but it is also my preferred base colour for spring and summer.

Navy is a colour that anyone can wear and it goes with all skin tones as well as hair colours. It also doesn’t hit the NZ shops all that often, so invest wisely into some great pieces – you won’t regret it!

Incorporating navy can be a little daunting at the beginning, it often conjures up nightmares for some people as it is a colour that your grandmothers wore! I know that mine only wore navy, never black, and she looked fantastic – always! It is a classic colour that can be worn at any age. So don’t be put off! :-)

Here are my tips for wearing navy to work.

What colours does navy go with?

You name a colour and it probably will go with navy, however some definitely are better than others.

Pastels – such as dove grey, pink, pale yellow, mint, chambray and baby blue all look very feminine and beautiful with navy – I love teaming these colours with pearl or silver accessories as they are naturally colder colour shades.

Brights – bright orange, chartruse, fuchsia pink, violet and red all go fabulously with navy! They add a brilliant pop of colour to your outfit.

If you are wearing a bright colour – the navy can become the accent colour, such as a navy cardigan and shoe paired with an fuchsia pink dress; or the base colour, such as a navy skirt and jacket with a violet top. Just a few ideas. :-)

Earthy tones – such as forest green, camel, dark chocolate, berry colours and also burgundy.

Team these colours with brown shoes and accessories for a great overall outfit.

Neutrals – cream, ivory, tan, white, charcoal and brown all look stunning with neutrals. The great outcome of pairing neutrals together in your wardrobe is that it suddenly expands the outfits in your closet. As the colours you have previously been wearing with your black garments can be worn with navy. :-)

What are the key pieces you should get for your work wardrobe?

Navy Jacket – invest in a good jacket with a great line.

Remember to think very carefully about where this jacket finishes on the body. :-)

Cardigan – must have item! Have a winter woolie one and a light weight ¾ sleeve summer one! These will be absolutely worn to pieces, so make sure you invest in good quality and wash it as per the instructions on the label.

Skirt and pants – at the moment I have been loving my cropped navy pants. However I have also previously invested in a navy pencil skirt that has a slight texture to it – making it a little more modern. I have also got a lovely pair of straight leg corporate pants which look great with heels. Invest wisely in your garments as you will want them to last!

My favourite look at the moment has been my cropped navy skinny pants, I have been pairing these with brown lace up brogues for a change as I still am not allowed to wear heels yet… Sigh!

If you want to add few extras – I would also invest in a good navy tank top, t-shirt and long sleeve top. These become very handy items to have in the closet especially on causal Friday.

Note: you will most likely already have navy in your wardrobe in the form of jeans! If you get stuck on what to wear with your navy garments, think you what you already pair with your jeans and start with that. :-)

Can you wear navy and black together?

Now you have probably guessed the answer to this, but YES YES YES! Navy and black are an amazing colour combination (you already make this combination when you wear jeans and a black top).

We can expand this idea further for work. Navy and black are two very classic colours, so when thinking of wearing this combination to work it looks best having the navy near the face because it is more forgiving and less aging.

Here are a few ideas on how to wear black and navy:

Option one – a black skirt/pants, black shoes and a navy top with navy and black beads, or even a couple of layered silver necklaces.

Option two – navy sweater with a navy and white stripped shirt over a black pencil skirt and pumps. This would look really nice with a string of pearls at the neck.

If in doubt, remember sleek, simple and stylish. It will always provide you a very classic, polished look. When thinking about accessories I often stick with my simple metals which are either silver, gold or rose gold. As an alternative, pearls look amazing with navy – again another classic!

How do you like to wear navy to work?