Following on from my last post about patterns, here’s my top tips for wearing stripes to work. Also check out my Pinterest board for some great examples.

Long, skinny, horizontal stripes

These are a definite must have for anyone who wants to wear stripes because they create an illusion of a slimmer figure.

They can be incorporated into a top or blouse or merino and can be styled in a multitude of ways. Here are two of my favourite styles:

  • Style 1: Your new stripy top (I love navy and red striped, but I also love black and camel), with slim black or navy pants (this depends entirely on the colours of your striped top) and court shoes with a jacket.
  • Style 2: Three-quarter sleeved striped top, with cropped pants and ballet flats (very French Riviera!). Then team with simple accessories such a long silver necklace.

Stripes draw the eye to that part of your body.

This is important to remember if you are buying a garment which is only partially stripped, such as striped sleeves on a top or if your skirt isn’t completely striped, that these are the areas people’s eyes will be drawn to. :-)

Vertical stripes for pants and skirts

Vertical stripes create the look of longer legs and draw the eye down the body, making you look taller overall.

When wearing vertical striped pants or skirts for work, I would recommend wearing heels as the extra height will make the pants look very flattering. Heels with skirts is my go to option. :-) For casual Friday, wearing ballet flats would ideal!

Never mix vertical and horizontal stripes, it creates a messy, busy outfit. You always want to channel a sleek, simple, stylish mantra when styling your outfits at home. 

Striped dresses

This will become your go to dress when you don’t know what to wear to work. There are many styles around – from three-quarter sleeves to fine and bold “jail-house” stripes in an array of colours! My only tip here is to remember the neckline of the dress. V and scoop necklines are always more flattering and also I would recommend getting a dress with at least cap sleeves. Especially if you work in an office with a strict dress code.

Keep your styling simple

Don’t add too many colours or prints in when wearing stripes. Let the stripes be the key piece of your outfit and keep all your other pieces timeless and elegant. You want to channel Coco Chanel or a nautical look for your outfit, not jail house rock!

Don’t be afraid to add colour, either in your striped garment such as a red, blue and white top, or as the other garments to your outfit. For example red pants and cardigan with a blue and white striped top. :-)

Striped accessories

If your are still in doubt about adding stripes to your wardrobe, you can always add them by way of an accessory – for example through a bag or scarf. This will create a great element of texture, intrigue and excitement to your outfit. If you are really lucky you might even be able to find some shoes with stripes in them. They will always be timeless and are worth keeping an eye out for. :-)

Stripes with stripes…

Now if you think you’re all sorted with how to wear stripes and are very bold, how about wearing stripes with stripes? This is a definite trend at the moment. So if you are keen to try this, next time you put on your stripey top, team it with a equally stripey jacket or scarf.

Remember keep everything else simple and classic. Let the stripes do the work in your outfit!

Did the above soothe your worries about wearing stripes? How do you incorporate stripes into your work wear?

Also make sure you check out my Pinterest board for some great examples.