Wet, windy, wild winter weather can only mean one thing – winter woollies!

To start with I would like to credit this blog to Auckland’s weather this weekend. Thank you raining on my washing countless times, raining on my nice blow waved hair (now curly) and thank you for getting me into the mood to write this post! I think this has been the best showing of winter weather we have seen on far this winter.

Now for me, when I think of winter, it’s thoughts of hot chocolates, red wine, open fires and woollen sweaters spring into mind – giving me some much need inspiration for this blog.

What do we need in our wardrobes to get through winter? What are the winter essentials? I have already done a post on coats, so next on the winter’s essential list in my mind is woollen sweaters. These have made a comeback this winter in some beautiful shapes and colours. So here are my ideas for dressing for winter with your woollen sweaters this year:

Key knitwear shapes this winter

Roll neck – The roll neck is like an exaggerated turtle neck. This can be big and drapey, almost giving the illusion of a cowl neck line, to being super tight and channeling 70’s look, which is all the rage this winter! Either way, you either love or hate the roll neck. A funnel neck is very similar – however it doesn’t fold over.

For me the tight roll necks remind me of primary school – however these look absolutely stunning on petite ladies, teamed with skinny jeans, ankle boots and a leather jacket.

I love the looser roll necks such as this one. This neckline which has a softer shape around the neck is perfect for me as a pear shape. These are an ideal shape as they create volume on my top half, balancing out my hips. Also the added volume near my neck acts like a scarf – drawing people’s eyes up to my face. If you haven’t tried them give them a go :-) you might amaze yourself!

Round neck – This shape is a classic. It can be interpreted as anything from a crew neck to a scoop neckline. If you are bigger in the bust, stick with the scoop neckline because anything higher will make it look as if your bust is connected to your chin. We always want to lengthen the neck, which gives the appearance that we are taller. If you are an athletic shape, go for the crew cut for a change. However if you have larger shoulders then stick with the classic V-neck.

It’s also a great shape knit to wear over a shirt on those cooler days!

Keep the shirt nice and crisp, adding some structure to your outfit. This is a lovely classic winter look particularly great if you work in a very corporate office. It’s also very nice over jeans and ankle boots. :-)

Boyfriend shape – Now I know this isn’t technically a shape. However it is the best way to describe this style! It is basically a looser knit which almost drops from the shoulder with very little shaping, mostly shown with either a V-neck or crew neckline.

This style is very popular at the moment but there are some very important things to keep in mind if you are going to try this style.

It is not a shape to consider if you are larger in the bust, as the knit doesn’t have any shape showing off your waist. So you are better to stick with a V-neck sweater or cowl neck, which shows off your decolletage, but not too much (if you get my drift). Any other body shape can wear this, however if in doubt about the neckline go for a V-neck.

If you want to wear this style for work, make sure you wear skinny pants or jeans. Shoe-wise it is best if you wear heels or ankle boots in the more formal work environments. It’s also fun when teamed with brogues!

Other trendy shapes

Swing knit – This style of knit is very fun. However it is important to note that it is on the casual side.

Tunic Knits – These are longer line tops. Great for those extra cold days! Style with knee high boots and leggings if the knit is long enough, or over skinny jeans/work pants with ankle boots or court shoes for a change. I have also seen this style with a roll neck for an elegant ensemble. :-)

Key colours to look out for this season

Your basics

These are the colours that form the base of your winter wardrobe. This winter we have seen the emergence of navy, cream, ivory and grey. As well as your trusty black.

This year there isn’t much detail so if you invest in your basics they will be timeless and you will be able to wear them for many seasons.

Remember the colours that you have already in your wardrobe and build your basics from there. You want to be making lots of different outfits with your purchases.

My personal favourites this winter are navy and ivory. :-)

On trend colours this winter

Pastels – The shops are full with pastels – from pale pink to dove grey and lavender. I love pastels and they are very feminine.

When wearing pastels, team with charcoal, navy or pale grey for a more streamlined look. When worn with black pants or skirt, pastels cut the body in half making anyone look shorter than what they are.

Earthy colours – this includes colours such as burgudy, marsala, fawn and forest green. If you aren’t into pastels these might be the colours for you! They are inspired by nature and can often be incorporated into your wardrobe more easily. These colours have a lot of warmth in them so tend to work with most skin and hair colours.

As you can see there are lots of options for your winter woollies this season! Hopefully this post reduces your search for the perfect winter sweater.

Let me know which style you are wearing this winter. :-)