So you have started working at a new company who has adopted a more… casual approach to dressing.

Pencil skirts and court shoes are out and jeans are in! Your first thought is cool, wearing jeans to work will be great – then you think back to when you last had to buy jeans – PANIC STATIONS! Not only did it take “FOREVER”, but you felt demoralised because it was hard work to find a pair of pants that fitted. Now try and find jeans that would suit a corporate environment. So no rips, fraying, scuff marks and artistic holes…

Never fear – this is the situation myself and and one of my very good friends have just found ourselves in. Take a look at my top Do’s and Don’ts for how to wear jeans to work, and also the latest trends:

The Do’s

  • Take your time: When it comes to choosing and buying jeans. You need to try, try, and try again until you find the pair which works for you. This obviously takes time but I promise it is time worth taking, especially to find the cut which works the best for you. You might find that you can wear a couple of different cuts such as straight leg for work or bootleg on a casual Friday for example. My first hint would be to your search for the perfect jean at a shop which contains many different options, such as a denim specialty shop. This would allow you to try many different styles all at once.
  • Cut: Jeans come in all different shapes and sillouettes. From skinny jeans, bootleg, straight, boyfriend and slouchy cuts – there will be a cut for you. It depends entirely on your body shape – for example as a pear shape, I prefer to wear a skinny leg or slim cut jean for work, but for casual Friday I prefer straight cut jeans. If you are pear shaped, very skinny legged jeans make your hips look bigger. This would be great when having a night on the town but not so ideal in a work setting. Less is more and in terms of more I am meaning more elegant and sophisticated. If you are hourglass figure then the world is your oyster!
    • Tip – make sure your pockets match the size of your bum. I know this sounds weird but if you have more voluptuous glutes go for larger pockets; smaller glutes, smaller pockets. Vice versa for either of these scenarios either over inflates your glutes or makes them look nonexistent! So be careful with your pockets. :-)
  • Colour: This is the main difference between your weekend jeans and your workday jeans. Clean classic colours I feel are always the best to start with and they also provide you the best base for your outfit. My top three colours are indigo blue, charcoal grey and black. In summer if you like wearing white, this is another great option (however if you are pear shaped be careful when wearing white – make sure the other colours in your outfit are nice and muted such as a pastel colour. Otherwise the eye is instantly drawn to the white and equally your hips!). Also on a side note – jeans with a little elastine in them not only sit better on the body, they also wash and wear easier.
    • Another item common in jeans is whisker detailing around the hips. This is great if you have narrow hips as it gives the illusion of fuller glutes. However stay away if you are an hourglass or pear shaped gal, too much of a good thing can actually be too much for work!
  • Bend and Sit: Always, always, always (cannot be stressed enough :-) ) do the bend and sit test! This one is fairly self explanatory, no one wants to see your impression of a builder’s… you know what I mean! Also no one at your office wants to see what type of underwear you are wearing under your jeans.
    • Tip: If you are pear shaped – this tip is very important as most jeans will bag at the back due to the difference between your hips and your waist. So get your jeans taken in at the waist. This will not only make them fit better but you will feel more confident (as they won’t feel like they are falling down). It will revolutionise your jean wearing experience. :-)

The Don’ts

  • Size: Don’t get stressed over the size that your jeans are. One shop’s size ten is another’s 8 or 12. How they look is far more important. You don’t want them pulling, gapping – especially at the back, riding up or falling down. They should look sleek, simple and always polished.
  • No Embellishment: no fraying, holes, fringing, rhinestones or rips. Save them all for the weekend. Remember – sleek, simple and elegant! We are climbing the corporate ladder so people need to be looking at our faces… not our pants!

So when you find your gorgeous pair of corporate jeans, buy two pairs! One for wearing with heels the other for wearing with ballet flats. And if you want to be daring have one pair in black and the other in blue, my preference is dark indigo blue. That way you instantly create many different styles of outfits because the type of shoe you wear changes! As let’s be honest – once you find that magical pair of jeans you might as well stick with them!

Latest fashion trends for jeans

Make sure you check out my Pinterest board on the latest trends.

  • Coated Jeans – often referred to as wet look jeans, these jeans have a shiny texture to them. I think these can be worn to work in a more creative work environment. However please be aware that these jeans do draw the eye to your legs due to their shiny coating. So if you are taller or have narrow hips go for broke! However if you are on the shorter side or have bigger hips, best to stick with your more traditional jean options. Or keep these for the weekend.
    • Definitely not for gals who work in strict business attire environments – such as lawyers, accountants and consultants. Again, stick to your more traditional jeans.
  • Flared – 70’s eat your heart out! This winter is a 70’s revival. This one is entirely down to personal perference. I am personally not a big fan – I have deja vu moment of wearing pale pink flared cords when I was younger… This has definitely tainted my view on cords! However if you like wearing this style it is best to wear it with heels, as the flare can give the feeling of making you look shorter.
  • Cropped – now I am a fan of this style! It is definitely a more casual style and I have lived in crops all summer long. However they are also a fantastic option for winter with loafers or brogues with a nice knit! I have tended to wear the more traditional colours but I do have a lovely pale blue pair that I have loved wearing in the weekend. I feel this style can be worn by any body shape but remember if you are on the shorter side, be careful with your colour matching. Pale pants – pale tops, darker pants darker or brighter colours. You always want to make yourself appear taller. :-)

Do you wear jeans to work? Let me know in the comments.