Charming Checks!

This winter it is seems we are taking a few fashion tips from the English… So we’re definitely seeing the rise of checks!

Whether it is in checkered shirts, tartan skirts or plaid pants – they are all in the shops now. If you’re a fan of checks like me, or just starting to get interested in them – below are my top tips for how to wear checks this winter (check out my Pinterest board for even more ways!).

Checks this winter are being shown in a variety of sizes and colours. From small country-style gingham check to large checker board-style checks, there’s a style for everyone. I have collected the pieces that have taken my fancy and you can see them all on my Pinterest board here.

Check Coats

Not only is this winter big on coats (check out my last blog here) we are definitely seeing more and more check coats and jackets.

Now a lot of people think that having a patterned jacket doesn’t limit is functionality – and simply put it doesn’t. However, this is entirely dependent on the type of check you go for and the colours in the pattern. The more muted the colours in the pattern the classier, more stylish and professional the coat will look. In fact the colours in a check pattern can be so muted that it looks more like texture in a garment rather than a full on pattern.

Plaid Pants

I love patterned pants! I have rocked them all summer and I am now looking for my winter pattern.

For me it is definitely checks and these look fabulous teamed up with ankle boots, or alternatively loafers and brogues (I just got my first pair in brown!). Style these pants with tops such as a lovely chiffon shirt and necklace to make the overall look not too masculine, or instead wear a nice merino top and waterfall cardigan. Again, this softens the look.

Tartan Skirts

Bring on the 70’s! The wave of 70’s fashion this winter has also brought with it a large range of tartan or check skirts.

I have seen tartan-style miniskirts to lovely knee length pencil skirts. Whatever style you like – go for it.

My personal favourite is always the pencil skirt and I have shown lots of examples on my Pinterest board (hint hint :-)). These patterned skirts look fabulous with ankle boots or knee high boots. You don’t have to wear black boots – try chestnut brown or tan boots as an alternative.


Scarves in particular are being shown this winter in checks. My top advice as always when buying accessories is always colour, length and fabric.

I personally prefer woollen or wool blend scarves for winter. I also tend to get lots of different lengths (my personal favourite is longer scarves so you can tie them in different ways (click on this link to find out how to tie a scarf) and with lots of different colours in them.

Remember when buying anything with colour (this includes all accessories) – always keep in mind what you have already started building on in your wardrobe. Buying in colour blocks are key. Therefore having a scarf which contains the colours you have started collecting gives you greater opportunities to create more outfits with it.

Things to keep in mind when buying something checkered

Size and colour matter. If you are on the smaller, petite size go for a smaller more delicate check print – anything too large will overwhelm you. Also keep to colours which are more muted such as navy and black check pants, or a cream and pale blue check shirt – instead of a red and black check shirt. The softer the colour difference in your check the better.

For my lovely ladies who have a larger frame, go for broke! You can choose larger prints and greater differences in colour.  However always keep in mind when buying a print with colour in it that you have those colours in your wardrobe,  as you can pair jackets, skirts, shoes and pants very easily if you keep to your colours.

Buy something with checks this week :-)