I’m loving this winter’s obsession with coats! I am huge coat and jacket fan. :-) I actually have an entire wardrobe, albeit in the small spare bedroom wardrobe fully dedicated to jackets and coats. Long coats, short woolen jackets, duffle coats, parker jackets – I love them all!

So what are the trends for this winter’s coats and jackets?

There are four main ones: the classic coat, trench coat, leather jacket and duffle coat.

These have all been shown in many colours. However hot colours to keep your eyes open for are caramel, navy, and grey. Also on trend at the moment is textured fabric such as herringbone and tweed. See my Pinterest board for heaps of examples.

Here’s how you can wear a winter coat to work.

The Classic Coat

These are typically single breasted. Very clean lines and nothing fussy. They are traditionally made of wool or are a wool blend and can either be long in length, such as touching the knees, or they are shorter and reach just to the hips.

This style of jacket is a winter staple. They can either be very straight almost masculine in their line or can have a slight flare at the bottom (which is preferable if you are a pear shape as it skims the hips). This season I have seen lots of long coats and the emergence of some great short options.

The longer coats I have seen this season have a full length zip or belt around the waist. Though traditionally they are made with a single line of buttons up the front of the jacket.

All the above mentioned styles are great. However if you are pear shaped or on the shorter side, I would avoid the belt around your waist because it tends to cut the body in half – giving the impression of either bigger hips or that you are shorter than you actually are (or yikes both!). Instead take the belt off or tie the belt into a bow behind your back pulling in the line of your waist.

The shorter coats are tending to have nice wide lapels, which are incredibly flattering for a multitude of body shapes. This style beautifully balances out the hips, giving the illusion of an hour glass figure.

Normally the longer coat would be the first winter style jacket you would buy – I got mine when I was a lot younger, bright red and with a little collar on it. I still wear it today!

Classic style jackets, whether short or long, are great over your work wardrobe or over jeans for the weekend.

Trench Coat

Every corporate girl needs to have one of these! Whether it is more on the casual style, like a parker jacket, or more on the classic and structured side, like a trench coat – you all need one. :-)

Typical colours are navy, cream and black. They can either be double breasted or single – my preference always is single breasted (for any jacket).

This style is typically a longer line, and coming down to your knees is best since its main duty is protecting your clothing from the nasty winter weather. They tend to be showerproof and great windbreakers, especially if you work in town.

These jackets look super stylish. They are beautifully classic, simple and don’t age. So invest in a good one! They look great over dresses, pants, skirts, when wearing tights and high heels, or even in boots.

I got mine last year, it was slightly more on the casual side but didn’t have any toggles or bits hanging off it and I wore it almost everyday to work. I cannot imagine getting through a New Zealand wet winter without one.

Leather Jacket

I have desperately wanted a leather jacket! Sadly, I have yet to find one that doesn’t make me look short or like the Hulk! However I have a feeling that this is the year for me. For once not only are the leather jackets coming out in a beautiful array of softer colours such as taupe, dove grey, tan and navy – they are also coming out in softer shapes.

Since I’m a pear shape, I need a waterfall collar, larger lapel or no collar at all to bring people’s eye level up to my face, instead to my hips which is where shorter jackets tend to cut off the body.

Teamed with a scarf or statement necklace and merino top with pants or skirt, or over a fit and flare dress and boots – anyway you wear it you’ll have a winner! Not only for work but also casually. If you like wearing pants to work, a leather jacket also looks great with slim work pants and ankle boots as an alternative.

The classic leather jacket looks amazing on you beautiful athletic shaped gals. Wear it with skinny pants or a shift dress for work or skinny jeans in the weekend.

If you are going to wear a leather jacket to work – remember sleek, simple and stylish! You don’t want tassels, studs, fraying or any added detail that makes the jacket look casual. You can always make a structured jacket look casual, but you can’t easily do the opposite… Also these leather jackets look super cute with ankle boots, knee high boots or masculine style shoes. :-)

Duffle Style Jackets

One word – toggles! They are so much fun. What else can you really say! The only thing to be weary about when purchasing this style of jacket is to be careful they don’t look too casual.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing this style of jacket are the length, colour and accessories:

  • Keep the length long – this keeps the coat looking more formal. Shorter duffle jackets scream university student…
  • Keep the colour of the coat traditional – for example navy, grey or black.
  • My top accessory would be a great scarf which contains the colours of your jacket. People’s eyes get attracted to the extra texture or colours around our neck. Again drawing the eye to the face. :-)

Overall, a winter coat is a must have for your work wardrobe. So make sure you check out my Pinterest board with heaps of ideas on how to wear a winter coat to work.