What do you do if you’ve been told you’re not allowed to wear heels to work?

Well, that’s just happened to me. I’ve just been informed by my friendly physio that I’m not allowed to wear heels for a while…

Panic stations! First thought that entered by mind – oh man I’m too short not to wear heels to work! Second thought was – how does a lady such as me at 5 foot 2 inches not wear heels – especially in winter. Third thought – this means I can get another pair of shoes and as a bonus they won’t hurt my hip. :-)

So if you are in the same boat as me, and not allowed to wear heels to work, what are your options for shoes at work?

Below is my plan on how to survive winter without wearing heels:

Ankle Boots

I am in love with ankle boots and they are a super option for winter. They can be worn with anything – pants, dresses and skirts.

To ensure that you will look formally dressed go for a good leather looking pair of ankle boots with as little grunge detail as possible. Think simple, classy and polished. If you like wearing suede (my favourite) make sure you use a spray protector to preserve the quality of the boot. Means they will last longer. :-)

I have seen ankle boots in a multitude of colours and textures this winter. Some are swoon worthy beautiful! Make sure you check out my Pinterest board for some of my top buys.

Remember if you are going to get a coloured ankle boot (I’m a huge fan of coloured shoes), make sure you read my post about styling them – the rules stay the same.

Knee High Boots

The 70’s are all the rage! So you will see both ankle boots and knee high boots being rocked this winter.

Knee high boots are the best on those cold, rainy winter days (such as last week!). I love wearing knee high boots with dresses as well as skirts. This is also a great option for those who work in very formal offices.

This year there seems to be a greater variety in colour. There is a lot of tan leather on the market (try for a tan leather that looks more on the darker side rather than strong yellow or orange hues because these tend to be harder to work into a wardrobe) as well as black, grey and chestnut brown.

The most important tip is please please please make sure you get new tights this winter! Nothing looks more scruffy that pilled or nobbly tights. You can get great tights from your supermarket, the Warehouse, Farmers or Kmart and you don’t need to spend lots on these. Also don’t be afraid you wear a pattern. This is a great way of adding a bit of detail and fun to your winter looks.

The days of tucking pants or jeans into boots seem to be fading but I still think this look can be worn if it’s kept for casual Friday.


I love loafers! Who doesn’t? From the styles with tassels on the toes, or the super sleek patent leather to leopard print versions. From a round toe to square toe – I love them. :-)

I personally think these are best styled with pants but at a push they can look nice with a well-structured pencil skirt or shirt dress.

Loafers can have the potential of looking casual. So bear in mind the material, colour and print when buying a pair. The simpler or more classic the colour, design or print; the more formal they look.

My favourite colours that I have seen so far this winter have been black patent leather, pony hair and soft grey. I am also keeping my eye out for a chestnut brown pair. The less additional detail the better as this will maintain the professional look.

If you are short – like me – stick to the classics. If you have a heavy print on your feet (such as the beautiful zebra print I have seen this year) it can shorten your legs. So stick with your classic colours, patterns and materials such as patent, pony hair and suede!

‘Masculine-style’ Shoes

I am going to try this style this winter. This includes such shoe styles as Oxfords and Brogues. However I think this winter is the first time this style has truly hit the shops in full force.

I have seen these enter the market in beautiful ink colours, cream patent, and black patent with pony hair detailing. They all look stunning.

They seem to be of a finer detail and design than loafers and therefore instinctively seem to give off a polished look.

These obviously look great styled with pants but also seem to be more versatile when it comes to wearing them with dresses and skirts. This provides many options on how to style them. Again colour, texture and material are all key!

My biggest tip when buying a ‘masculine-style’ shoe relates to how high they come up the foot. The higher the shoe comes to the ankle the shorter your leg will look if you are going to wear them with dresses and skirts. The shape of a jazz shoe is the best shape to wear with dresses and skirts because it is a little softer around the ankle.

Overall, if you are thinking of getting any of the above styles for winter this year – always keep in the back of your mind:

  • How formal do I need to look?
  • What colours are in my wardrobe?
  • Do I like to wear pant or dresses and skirts more?

These will help you decide which of the above styles will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

If in doubt – get them all!! Just joking. If I could only choose one of the above styles it would be the ankle boot for its versatility.

Let me know in the comments what you’ll trying this winter.