How to wear denim

How to wear Denim to Work

Mar 29th, 2015 General Fashion Sarah

Carrying on our “How to” series (see last week’s How to wear Shorts to Work, and also How to wear Lace to Work and How to wear Coloured Shoes) how can you wear denim to work? Denim doesn’t have to be strictly for casual Fridays – but if you have a very strict dress code it is best to save it for Friday. My top ideas for denim…

How to wear shorts to work

How to wear Shorts to Work

Mar 23rd, 2015 Summer Sarah

Since it still feels like summer in Auckland, let’s tackle another difficult garment you can incorporate in your work wear (see last week’s post on wearing lace to work). There have been many stores this summer offering shorts as an alternative for skirts and pants for workwear. This trend comes and goes but really depends on how strict your office dress code is. If you are…

How to wear lace at work

How to wear Lace to Work – not only for the Boudoir but also the Boardroom

Mar 15th, 2015 General Fashion Sarah

Can you wear lace in the office? Yes, but be careful. Anything too revealing just is asking for trouble and attention for the wrong reasons. Lace has very strong connotations with the boudoir, but I personally think it adds a lovely feminine touch to the corporate wardrobe. How to successfully wear lace to work Lace comes in many styles, sizes and colours. Think about it like a…

Cobalt Coloured Shoes

How to wear Coloured Shoes

Mar 8th, 2015 Colour, Shoes and Accessories Sarah

Coloured shoes are a great way of bringing an element of excitement into your wardrobe. This is especially great during the winter months when you can get a little tired of wearing black, brown or navy. Here’s my quick tips for wearing coloured shoes: Choose a colour which is dominant in your wardrobe (see post about colour packages) For me this is blue – so…