7 Tips on what to wear to a Job Interview

7 Tips on what to wear for a Job Interview

Feb 22nd, 2015 Basics, Job Interviews Sarah

Your goal is to be sleek, simple, stunning, and polished. First impressions are critical in an interview and it starts with what you wear. Here are my 7 tips for girls on what to wear for a job interview. 1. Wear something blue Something my husband swears by (thanks to his psychology degree). The colour blue is supposed to instill trust, so wear a blue top, shirt, necklace, cardigan or…

The Four F's of Female Corporate Fashion

The Four F’s for Female Corporate Fashion

Feb 15th, 2015 Basics, General Fashion Sarah

For my first post we’re going right back to the basics of how you can quickly build up a versatile corporate wardrobe without needing hundreds of different pieces. Just follow the four “F’s”. Foundation Start with the basics in your wardrobe and build a versatile capsule wardrobe from there. I know that this sounds easy – but it isn’t. Start with neutral colours as a…